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Transform your recordings into
intelligent text

Revolutionize your workflow with our state-of-the-art AI transcription!
Engage & interact directly with your content through AI.
Quickly generate reports, save time, and tailor for precision.
Available 24/7, enjoy high availability at a groundbreaking price.
Secure, fast, efficient: your data is handled with the utmost care.
Discover the new era of transcription now!

For the demo purpose, you are limited to 25 minutes max, only 5 files and total size must be under 100MB.


Dive into a pricing revolution! Our offer is unmatched,
combining high quality with optimized costs.
Your wallet will thank us.


Our latest-generation AI is not only fast,
it's also impressively accurate.
Dive into flawless transcriptions, every time.


Forget about time constraints.
Our platform serves you at anytime.
Need something at 3 am? That's totally fine!


Embrace a green approach! Our 100% digital solution
allows you to step into the future while respecting our
precious planet.


In a world where every second counts,
we deliver your transcriptions in a flash.
Why wait when immediacy is within reach?


Rest easy.
We guard your data as if it were the apple of our eye,
ensuring unbeatable confidentiality and protection.

Our AI transcribes your recordings 90% faster than traditional transcribers!

Ultra-Fast Transcription

While a human transcriber might take between 4 to 6 hours to transcribe 60 minutes of audio, our advanced technology accomplishes this task in just under 8 minutes.

Achieve 85% savings with our service
for 30 hours of transcription, compared to a conventional human approach!

Innovation Serving Your Savings!

Where traditional transcription might cost you between 100 and 300 dollars per hour, our AI does the job for you for just 899 dollars a month.

That represents savings of between 70% and 90%. The more you transcribe, the more you save. The strategic choice for demanding professionals.

That's the rate of coffee breaks, spontaneous naps, and days off our AI takes. Always fresh and available, 24/7!

Overcoming Human Limitations

While human transcription is valuable, it's susceptible to fatigue, interpretation errors, and cognitive biases that can compromise work quality. These factors, inherent to human nature, can hinder transcription accuracy and reliability.

Our AI stands out for its impartiality and precision. It's devoid of biases or prejudices and processes each recording with consistent rigor, ensuring a faithful transcription every time.


Dive into Savings with Our Plan!

  • 20 hours of transcription every month
  • Low-priority queue
  • 100 MB maximum filesize
  • Delivered straight to your inbox


Elevate Your Transcription Experience!

  • 160 hours of transcription every month
  • High-priority queue
  • 4 GB maximum filesize
  • 3 Custom-Tailored AI Models (soon)
  • Post-transcription, auto-generate reports (soon)
  • Access to the centralized dashboard (soon)
  • Semantic analysis tool (soon)


Unleash Limitless Possibilities!

Contact us
  • All features of "Enterprise" plan included!
  • Dedicated infrastructure
  • High priority support (2h GTI)
  • Unlimited transcriptions
  • Unlimited filesize
  • Unlimited Custom-Tailored AI Models (soon)

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